3D Pen by 3D PENTASTIC Professional 3D Printing Pen, Low Temperature 3D Pen For Kids, New Technology, Won’t Clog, Safe For Kids, OLED Display Comes w/ 4 x PCL Filaments & 3D Drawing Templates

Product Features

  • ** 3DPENTASTIC FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: While this beautiful product can be an educative gift for kids to develop their creativity, artistic skills and widen their imagination. It is also a very popular art and hobby tool for adults.
  • ** PCL FILAMENT ONLY: When we compare the PCL Filament with other Raw materials like PLA/ABS, we see many advantages of PCL Filaments such as being non-toxic, ecofriendly, with all the health certificates by the manufacturer, will never clog the pen, doesn't smell at all and so forth...
  • ** HIGH QUALITY: You will certainly feel the quality and difference when you receive the package and start drawing with your 3DPENTASTIC.
  • ** LOW TEMPERATURE: Since we support educative parents, the thing we care about the most is the safety of your children and yourself. That's why 3DPENTASTIC uses only PCL Filament which is the healthiest raw material for this kind of pens. Since this material is able to melt in low degrees, the pen never gets too hot. The ideal temperature will be around 85 °C.
  • ** SAFE FOR KIDS: All the certificates have been taken by the manufacturer regarding the electricity. The raw material is totally non-toxic and it will not burn your kids' fingers. Though, as all the other electrical tools, kids should be always guided by an adult during their drawings.

Product Description


3DPENTASTIC can be a cool birthday gift for colleagues or a Christmas gift for your kids or you can even spoil yourselves with this 3D Pen Set which will be an irreplaceable hobby in your life. During our 8 months of R&D period, we checked all the complaints of customers on amazon for their 3d Pen purchasing from other

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