Xmaha 3D Pen Filament for 3d doodler start 3D pen replacement filament refill (6 Color_Girl)

Product Features

  • Eco Plastics in compliance with RoHS
  • Total 39.37 Feet long, equal 80 strands of Doodling fun
  • Kid safe eco plastics
  • Every and each inch 100% tested

Product Description

• This 3D Pen Filament Refill pack is Compatible With 3d doodler Start 3D Pen; it is made by Acmeward.
• 6 Colors: Sky Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow and Rose Pink
•Total 39.37 Feet long (12 Meters), 6.56 Feet (2 meters) each color, equal 80 strands of Doodling fun.

These 3D Pen filaments under the trademark of Xmaha are made by Acmeward.

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