Induxpert 3D Pen ABS Filament Refill Pack (Compatible with All 3D Pens)

Product Features

  • 10 PREMIUM COLORS for all your design projects - White, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Grey, Gold, Pink and Sky Blue.
  • 100 FEET OF ABS FILAMENTS - 10 Colors X 10 Feet of Non-toxic, smokeless ABS 3D pen wires for safe family fun and art projects!
  • 1.75mm FILAMENT REFILLS - Compatible with 3D printing pens that use 1.75 mm ABS filaments and the Induxpert 3D pen. High quality wires for smooth loading and an even extrusion every time!
  • USED IN 3D PENS - The recommended melting temperature for these filaments is 410°F. Depending on the printer, these ABS filaments can be printed between the temperature range of 374°F - 518°F.
  • BONUS STENCILS - Receive a FREE book of stencils that you can print and use right away to create 3D artistic masterpieces.

Product Description

10 High quality colours for all your 3D prototype drawing and crafting needs. Choose one or use all White, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Grey, Gold, Pink and Sky Blue filaments to turn your 3D ideas to life.

1.75mm thick ABS filaments are compatible with 3D printing pens that can load 1.75 mm filaments. Use this with the Induxpert SleekPen 3D Printing Pen for the best results.

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